5 key features of a farmhouse style kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are often a key characteristic of rustic properties, but they can work perfectly in any home, from traditional residences to their contemporary counterparts. If you’re keen to achieve countryside chic in your cooking space, it pays to be clued up on the main features. So to get you up to speed, here are five design elements that can help you complete your farmhouse inspired kitchen.

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  1. Wooden worktops and units

It’s no secret that wooden worktops and units are a distinguishing feature of most country style cooking spaces. With their warm tones and homely yet stunning design, wooden surfaces and cabinets are a must if you’re going to nail this kitchen style. For a fresh, airy look, you could go for light timbers, such as maple, beech or bamboo. For help choosing the best type of wood, you could enlist the help of a specialist company like Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets. Seeking advice from an expert should help you pick a style of wood that is befitting of the look you’re going for.


  1. White washed floors

A classic trait of a farmhouse cooking area is white washed flooring. Designed to look well-worn and weathered, this style of flooring can be ideal if you want to pull off this theme in your kitchen. The good news is, it’s up to you how you incorporate this into the room. From solid wood, to laminate, to tiles, there are a number of flooring ideas for you to choose from that feature the ‘old’ white wash effect you’re looking for.


  1. A ceramic sink

With its deep bowl, wide front and large, strong structure, no traditional style kitchen is complete without a ceramic sink. Sometimes referred to as a Belfast or apron-front sink, this is a typical characteristic of just about any farmhouse cooking space. To get your country home look on point, you could even install your sink with vintage style faucets, such as handles with ceramic detailing or a long, curved neck.


  1. An old-fashioned stove

In most farmhouse kitchens, you’re likely to find an old-fashioned stove. While more modern cooking spaces usually boast the latest in oven technology, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to traditional style kitchen areas. Firm favourites tends to be large vintage units such as AGA stoves or models with exposed stovepipes. So if you’re keen to give your cooking area the country look, you could go for an oven with a classic twist.


  1. Vintage accessories

From hanging an antique clock on the wall to displaying a bunch of fresh flowers in a decorative jug, vintage accessories are key if you want to create the perfect farmhouse kitchen. This is also a great way of putting your own personal stamp on your space. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your area, you could browse ideas online using a creative platform such as Pinterest.


Once you’re up to speed on the typical features of a farmhouse style kitchen, you should be able to bring them together to create the perfect cooking space in your home.



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