5 Thrifty Bathroom Art Ideas

I now have a clam bathroom.

It is  white, glossy, airy and tranquil. I adore it , my house is full of colour and this is like a calm zone amidst my noisy, chaotic family .



shower panel

Isn’t it just lovely.

I feel it is now ready for a little more.

I love the minimalism but there is a big bare space on the wall opposite the window. Perhaps it is time for a piece of art.

I think this is rather fun (though not at all what I want ….)

What women think in the bath unframed

The list includes Hugh Grant, Pizza and armpits!

House of Fraser£25


This wall decal suits a bathroom perfectly

bathroom art


Not on the high street £17.95


I am loving this canvas and the children would too I am sure

From Dunelm Mill £5.99


I do also rather like these metal beach huts so simple and stylish from Homebase,  but perhaps they are too simple?

Metal beach hut
These retail at £20.99


Oh! and look at these I have found on Etsy. I LOVE them – they have a sense of humour, they are stylish but still perfect for the bathroom . These are also handmade, from the US very quirky and cost £16.46.

Ladies and Gentlemen - Set of 2 8x10 Prints  (Featured in Corbkboard and Black) Bathroom art prints

What do you think?

Which do you like best..?



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  1. August 25, 2014 / 11:03 am

    The mirror does the trick, it makes the bathroom look bigger. I also like the minimalist style. How big in m² is the bathroom, it’s difficult to imagine on the pictures. I probably would have added a bit of colour here and there, like a coloured vanity or coloured ceramic wall tiles (to pop up a little) but it’s nice like this!

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