Build on your Kitchen Confidence

Anything can feel overwhelming and scary when you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing. It’s like getting in a car when you’ve just learnt to drive, or going to the gym and not knowing how to use the equipment. Everything takes a little practice, it’s how you become skilled and confident.  Building confidence can sometimes be a challenge, but it shouldn’t be that way when it comes to you and your kitchen. Kitchens are simply as easy to use as you make them, here are a few ways in which you can build your confidence in the kitchen and enjoy your time spent in there.

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It’s important to start with what you know, this way you can build on your initial knowledge and develop your skills and experience. Start with a recipe you’re good with, and practice adding new flavours and changing things up a little. The more confident you become with recipes that you already know, you’ll find yourself finding it easier to try new things. Confidence is key, trust yourself and enjoy yourself, you don’t need to take it to seriously, everybody makes mistakes, especially with cooking! But the more mistakes you make, the more you’ll learn from them and work on them. Setting yourself a goal or target is the perfect way to keep you motivated and determined, for example, chose a meal you’d never imagine being able to make, but have always wished you could. Practice smaller recipes that are similar, but not quite as complex, and then when you feel confident enough, give it a go! There’s no better feeling than beating a target or achieving a goal, especially with something you’ve lacked confidence in.

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Play around with the equipment that you have. If you’re unfamiliar with something, you’re going to be reluctant to use it, so by familiarising yourself with them you’ll instantly have more confidence using them.  Kitchens can end up having so many different utensils that all do similar things, if you feel you have too many then why not throw some away or put them in a separate drawer, as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with items that look complicated to use. The next key step to helping you build your kitchen confidence is really easy, write out your recipes. It’s great having apps on your phone or using a recipe book, but when you’re trying to follow instructions and they’re written in fancy vocabulary or somebody else’s words, you can often lose track of where you are and get flustered. Writing the recipe out into your own words will not only help you relax and read smoothly, but also help you remember the recipe, as you’ve written it out already and you’ll be surprised as to how much you remember.

Confidence in the kitchen can be the biggest barrier when it comes to making yourself meals that you love, even when the recipe is straightforward and quick. If you feel overwhelmed or negative, just take a step back and think, you learn from mistakes, and if it’s a success you’ll be so happy and get better every time. If you make something and it’s slightly disappointing, you can still eat it, and you’ll know for next time. Filling your kitchen units up with all the foods you love, will really help you when it comes to preparing your favourite meals. Always make sure you’re stocked up on Groceries and essential items. Baking is just as fun as cooking, and you can make some really tasty items. Practice baking to build skills such as whisking, mixing and time measurement. Doing this will help you put these skills in to other meal prep when it comes to it. It’s so beneficial to practice, even if you mess up.



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