Designer inspired chairs on a budget

I have an Eames white rocking chair in my bedroom which I absolutely adore. I love the simplicity of it and the sleek lines and the fact it looks classic and contemporary at the same time. put me in  in furniture heaven. They are 1950’s inspired designs that are stylish and cool and yet affordable. Perfect for a thrifty home that you want to also look amazing!

Sticking with the Eames style I adore I went for a different type of Eames chair but one that was just as sleek and sophisticated but with a quirky twist

Isn’t the Eames ghost DSW chair fantastic?

eames-ghost-dsw-chairIt costs just £59 which I think for such a  statement piece of furniture is such a good deal. We have placed it in our conservatory as according to my hubby

It is a perfect guitar playing chair…well done

Well that wasn’t quite my plans for it but it fits in so well in any room. Love the transparency and the kids think it is great fun!

 It also comes in colours red, lime or pink.

red chair

How fun would these look in different colours around the table!

So simple to put together, just four screws really in the end though did need two of  us as we had to balance the top and hold the legs.

They sell lots of chairs at Chair.Furniture , outdoors chairs , rockers, stools and arm chair. How absolutely adorable is this child sized version of my Eames rocker.

lime rockerI am also rather in love with this powder blue stool

blue stooland last but not last I want to show you this mag rack they sell (£49)

Now that is funky!

mag rack

Love the products form just shows you can have design inspired chairs without designer prices!

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