Interiors on a Budget

When we think of interior design, often images pop into our heads of perfectly laid out rooms decorated in all the very best materials, with no expense spared; which might leave you feeling a little disheartened about your own interior design ambitions, and worrying that they’ll outstrip your budget. But in reality re-decorating a room needn’t cost a fortune, and with just a few little tricks about where to focus your budget, you can achieve the same look for a fraction of the cost!

Interiors on a budget

Do It Yourself

There are so many jobs part of re-decorating that we really could do ourselves, but we often call in the professionals. By doing the work yourself you can save a fortune on the labour costs of a professional, and you’ll get a fantastic sense of achievement every time you’re in the room!

Painting for example is the cheapest investment you can make, but can totally transform any room – plus it’s definitely a project you can do yourself with relatively few materials. You just pop down to the local DIY or hardware store, grab a few tins of paint and some brushes of different sizes, head home and transform that room in a matter of hours! If you also need to re-paint the ceiling make sure you’ve got a stable step ladder and some paint rollers. Always get more paint than you think you’ll need, and you can save any leftovers to use for touch ups if the walls get knocked. When you’re painting always make sure there’s lots of ventilation, otherwise the fumes could make you feel lightheaded or unwell.

Other jobs you could do yourself in a weekend include tiling, installing a new floor, sewing curtain panels or throw pillows — whatever you feel up to trying really. But know where to draw the line; don’t attempt anything that requires genuine technical expertise that you don’t have, or could be dangerous, or damaging to your home; such as plumbing, electrics and lighting, and anything involving gas.

Know Where to Spend

Knowing where to spend your budget, and where to save, will really help you spread it further and allow you to do more. For example, when it comes to more structural or technical improvements such as fitting a new kitchen, bathroom suite, or adding new lighting, you should spend – as the effect will be much better, and these purchases tend to be much longer lasting. Always look into guarantees or warranties that come with big-ticket items, and check what they cover and how long they last – that way you’ll know your rights should something go wrong.

When it comes to smaller purchases like medium-sized furniture, and decorative items, it’s a good idea to be thrifty and hunt for bargains. Thrift stores, church rummage sales, online auction sites, and even salvage yards offer a bounty of discount decorating booty. Look for furniture with solid construction and classic lines that you can bring up to date with new upholstery or paint, and you could save a fortune compared to buying new!



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