Irritating driving habits

There are many reasons I walk a lot of places and use public transport and it is not only because I try and keep a thrifty home. It can just feel a lot less stressful and a lot less irritating (unless someone sits next to you on the bus and has a really rather big bottom, or bad breath or talks incessantly.)

Useful as it is there are many things that annoy me about other driving..mainly other drivers and their bad habits.

What irritates you most about other drivers?

For me it is over confidence and aggressive driving. You know the type I mean, those who like getting too close to your bumper, honking their horn if you hesitate for even a moment,  those who love to go whizzing around you on the inside lane. It really winds me up!

I try to stay very calm in a car, even when I feel agitated  as I usually have precious cargo (my kids). My mum was probably one of the calmest people you could ever wish to meet but she would get really rattled by aggressive drivers. After tutting loudly for a bit she  would often start shouting at them (from the safety of her car) and this always totally shocked me. She was so mild mannered!

I believe I am a very safe driver, if slightly too cautious, but there are some real numpties out there on the road. take a look at this video …

All I can say is blimey!

Despite that though I do need my car i take the kids to school, hospital appointments, endless after school activities. So whilst I am out there on the road please drive carefully everyone!

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