Pick of the week: Mr Fox Cushion


Do you like this lovely Mr. Fox cushion from John Lewis? I think it is just adoreable and it has really livened up our living room. Let me show you


It looks rather lovely in the garden too….


I was slightly horrified when I found the kids sitting on it to go down the slide so it really did not stay outside for very long. Yellow and grey work together so well together don’t they. Such a fresh look and so perfect for Spring

I love the little foxes too, quirky and cute. The cushion is excellent quality, really well padded and robust. It is 40cm by 40cm 100% cotton and dry clean only.

I am a little in love with it.

Looking on the site I found this one too

Buy Scion Mr Fox Cushion Online at johnlewis.com

it would just go perectly wouldn’t it. better get saving though this one is £40 though bigger at 64 by 40cm and is made form woven cotton. And oh look! he comes in different colours too

Buy Scion Mr Fox Cushion Online at johnlewis.com

Buy Scion Mr Fox Cushion Online at johnlewis.com


I don’t think I could justify £120 on 3 more foxy cushions but they truly are lovely. Sigh.


Thanks to Optimax for gifting me the cushion. It’s fabulous!




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