Pick of the week: Old School Map

Last week this lovely huge old school map poster by Ellie Ellie from Not on the High Street arrived at our house . It is just gorgeous and is hanging above our dining table looking lovely. I wanted it for a couple of reasons, I want the kids to see how big and exciting and fabulous the world is to talk about it and to think about it. I also want them to learn a bit of geography in the process!

The map comes with the wooden baton surrounds.and the red and yellow twisted string to hang it.  its a lovely vintage style school map and great quality. It measures 100cm x 73cm.Far cheaper than a large print at £38 it is great value. It creates lots of discussion from visitors about where they have travelled to and is a real conversation piece. Something a little bit different to have in the kitchen .

I love the pale colours and the simplistic style and it looks so lovely against the white walls of our family kitchen. I think we will have it on display for a long time to come. At least until they have learned their geography!

We love it very much!


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