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The term retro has almost become the modern way. Music, clothing, bars and restaurants are often inspired by yesteryear but become popular by adding a modern twist. Home interiors has followed much the same path as modern style becomes heavily inspired by past generations. This has been adapted in many ways so here are a few tips to add the retro style to your home.

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Retro inspired furniture has become a real trend within home interiors in recent times as people look to reminisce and recapture that style. However, when it comes to furniture it is best to try to keep that durability by looking at items that are inspired by recent style. For example, sixties inspired retro furniture is a really great way of adding that style to your home while also getting an enduring and high quality item. This way you have the best of both worlds.

In the kitchen, there are many ways you can capture that retro style. Whether that is looking to capture that American diner style or adding a sense of classic British kitchen with an Aga oven. Although, there is one brand that offers classic retro style but with a modern twist, whether it is the fridge, the kettle and toaster, Smeg is the brand that has brought a classic item into the modern era in style.

Retro can be achieved in other ways as well, try bringing an old and weathered item of furniture into the modern age by giving it some TLC and a bit of effort. Finding a classic, almost antique, item of furniture that you love but is damaged in some way and  reclaiming and repurposing that item of furniture is a great way to add some sentimentality to your house. You will also feel good knowing that you have saved that item and brought it back to life. This is especially possible with wooden furniture and given the time and effort, reclaimed furniture can look absolutely superb.

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