Stay Healthy with a Designer Standing Desk Without Breaking the Bank

We’re so used to sitting at desks to work that doing it any other way may seem counter-intuitive. But standing desks are a fast-growing trend in office work, and both better health and the increased productivity associated with it apply just as much if you’re working from home.

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What’s Wrong with Sitting?

Evidence has been growing for some time that sitting down for too long can be bad for your health. It leads to a higher rate of obesity and heart disease, and it’s also been associated with increased risk of diabetes and cancer.

This has led to a growing trend for standing to do office work. Scandinavia has led the way, as in so many health-related issues, but the Irish government recently highlighted the importance of standing desks in their drive to make the country fitter, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Some suppliers may charge prices that will put you off, but you can find an affordable and extremely high quality electric standing desk at

The benefits are just as great at home, whether you’re working or using a desk to pursue your interests. As netdoctor points out, “Changing position throughout the day can improve your state of mind”. This makes standing desks ideal both to produce better results and to be healthier at the same time.

Standing Desks

Unlike traditional desks, where you can adjust your chair to get comfortable, it’s essential that the height can be altered on standing desks. This was originally done manually or by a crank, but modern sit-stand desks can be adjusted at a touch of a button, allowing you to vary your position through the day.

Early standing desks were clunky, but designers like Herman Miller and ConSet have turned them into stylish furniture that you can be proud of. Back2 supplies models of sit-stand desks to suit any space or requirement, for less than you’d expect.

You can find a rectangular ConSet desk for £458.40, and they also offer more specialist types, such as L-shaped, cutaway or corner desks, with many designed to efficiently keep computer wires tidy — all at a reasonable price.

Back2 even supplies a sit-stand desk for young people, which is important since, as the Journal of Public Health reports, school studies have shown that standing desks benefit children working, especially at a given length of time.

You no longer have to pay a fortune for a designer standing desk that can improve your health — not to mention looking great in your office space.

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