Things to consider when you are downsizing your property

There are a number of things to consider when you are downsizing your property, your furniture and fittings may not be right for you new property and you would do well to consider this before you try and jam it all into a smaller space!


Here are some of your options….


Some items you own and love may not fit easily into your new home and you may wish to store them. Other items you may want to ponder on for a while before you make the decision whether to have them in your new home or sell them on. Personal storage can be a really good option for either of these considerations.


You may need to think of selling off some of your possessions when downsizing your property. Ebay, Gumtree or local Facebook selling groups may all be good options. Trying to squeeze too much or the wrong sized furniture into a smaller space will only make your new home feel cluttered. Freeing up some cash to purchase the right sized fiuniture or pay for removals will be very useful.

Giving away

You may want to pass on a few of your items, charities often welcome furniture and friends may welcome items too. Put the word out and your casts off’s will soon be snapped up.


When downsizing you might want to think about smaller furniture and consider swapping what you have…a king size bed could be swapped for a double, a three seater sofa for a two seater. Again exploit your social network and ask around. Word soon spreads.


Downsizing can be a really good move and help you live much more simply and frugally, it is a chance to really think about what you want in your home and put away, pass on or sell anything that just doesn’t fit.

It is the chance for a clean sweep.

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