Thrifty Travelling

I know those of you who keep a thrifty home probably need to watch the pennies in other areas of your life too.

I am sure that when you shop you take a list, you visit the lower priced supermarkets and you often buy own brand.

I am sure with your cars you check around for petrol prices opt for the bike or bus when you can and have a good pair of walking legs on you too. Being thrifty permeates peoples lives. Whether it is for green non materialistic reasons, whether it is because they are saving up or simply on a budget thrifty is never just confined to one area.

I know when it comes to holidays the options can look  pretty bleak for those of us on a budget. Yet actually if we take a shopping around, exploring our options checking out low cost bit well trusted brands approach (just like we would in the home) then we can find some really good deals.

I could suggest camping, youth hosteling, staycationning or just visiting with friends as thrifty travel options but I do know these more ‘hardy’ holidays are not for everyone.

You really can stay in a nice hotel and explore a city on a budget. Many cities have so much to do and see that is free.


thrifty travelling


In Dublin or example you can see the lovely Dublin castle, you can amble around the grounds of the gorgeous Trinity college (its been there since 1582 and is just as pretty as Oxford!)  There is also the Irish museum of modern art, the superb park at St Stephens green and then you can also visit Pollbeg lighthouse out on Dublin’s bay. So much to do.

All you need is great value accommodation and a Dublin Travelodge hotel is a really good bargain. I have stayed in lots of travelodges and they have all been of a good standard so this is a great option.

You really can travel on a budget.

Do google what is free to do and see in the area you fancy before you book and you will be amazed



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