Time to get cosy and cuddle up

Here are my pick of the great value hotties that have hit the shops.

The Autumn leaves are falling and its time for cuddles and cosiness. Time to bring out the our jumpers and swap salad for soups. Time to get out the blankets and perhaps time too for a new hottie?

None of these cost much above £10 and I think they are just gorgeous!


cosy toes, cuddle up

Is anything nicer than cuddling up with a hot water bottle as the colder evenings wander in. It reminds me of my childhood when the only fire we had in the house was one electric fire in the lounge. In those days we would never dream of going to bed without a hottie tucked in 1/2 an hour before.

Cosy, comfy, cuddly and cost cutting too. What is there not to love about the good old fashioned hot water bottle.



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