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10 glass vases for under £10

Flowers are everywhere now and they make me so happy. I love to bring Spring indoors and have lots of vases filled with flowers around the home. I adore the simplicity and elegance of glass vases and they really don’t have to be expensive. Take a look at what I have found.

10 glass vases for under £10, glass vases for under £10

Linea silk flower bouquet

Shabby Chic pink home decor

Linea fake flower bouquet

Stone vase

Polyvore Clipper

IKEA Också
£5.42 – ikea.com

IKEA Medveten
£3.61 – ikea.com

Home View all
£2.38 – hm.com

IKEA Ensidig
£1.80 – ikea.com
10 glass vases for under £10
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