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10 steps to getting a bedroom summer ready




Is your bedroom summer ready?

I have a few changes to make to make my bedroom summer ready for the lighter, warmer months and I thought I’d just talk you through how I transition between the seasons.

Here are the 10 steps I take to getting our bedroom summer ready.

First of all, I remove the winter accessories, scooping up heavy blankets and throws and whisking them up to the loft

I also do a general declutter taking out books and bits and bobs that have accumulated on dressers to give a lighter and more minimlaistic look to the room entirely in keeping with Summer.

Next, I change the duvet for a lighter tog.

I get rid of heavy lampshades and this year I think Ill be investing in some new sleeker lamps ( like the one below.)


10 steps to getting a bedroom summer ready, becky goddard-hill

This beautiful bedroom light is from Lights


I also make sure I do a really big spring clean – nothing lightens and brightens a room quite like a declutter and a spring clean.

I change my duvet cover too in Spring Summer and go for light and fresh colours or patterns. I really like plain white actually – nothing fresher.



I like to add some fresh flowers or blossom to a little jam jar for the bedroom too. So pretty.

Curtains are changed to for lighter ones as the heavy velour we have for winter just do not work.

I always have a fan in my room ready for hot nights and of course, I make sure it’s facing me! I hate overheating. A ceiling fan would be my dream.



I also change the prints in my bedroom. I am loving botanical prints at the moment and feel these would be an inexpensive addition to the room that would instantly update it for summer.

This botanical print from Art is just £14..such a thrifty update!

A light and fresh room or pillow scent would add a really lovely fragrance to bring summer to your bedroom. These are nice from M&S and the grapefruit and ginger would just be zingy, wouldn’t it!


So yes, lots of inexpensive ideas to get our bedroom summer ready.

Have you started transitioning your home decor yet?


getting a bedroom summer ready


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