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10 ways to speed up your house sale

Ways to speed up your house sale

If you are looking to snap up the brilliant bargain of a beautiful house that is on the market and perfect for you then you need to get your skates on selling yours.

Oh, my.

ways to speed up your house sale



Ways to speed up your house sale

I can almost hear a collective sigh from all my readers. House sales are not swift are they? They can drag and drag and drag.

So how can you make sure you don’t miss out on the house you have your heart set on and speed up your own house sale?

Well here are 10 top tips that might just help – thereare always ways to speed up your house sale ( or a lot!)

1. Fresh paint – whizzing through your home with a paintbrush may seem a bit of a pain but will make your home look lighter, brighter and better kept and these things will all appeal to your buyers. It is well worth it and an inexpensive way to make your home appealing especially if you do it yourself.

2. Declutter – space is so so important to buyers and if your stuff is heaped everywhere it not only hides space but also indites your house just isn’t big enough to contain your possessions. So grab those bin liners/charity bags and do a big declutter to make your home look airy clean and tidy and most of all spacious.

3. Repairs – if you aren’t handy yourself do consider getting in a handy person to get all those general repairs done. You do not want potential buyers umming and ahhing about the work that needs to be done/how much it will cost/is it worth it etc?

4. Kerb appeal. A shiny door knocker, clean front door a hanging basket and a usable letterbox and clean mat all make potential buyers smile and first appearance count! The little effort is well worthwhile.

5. Get your pricing right. If you go too high you will put people off buying and you will probably struggle to sell. Do your research, get several valuations and pitch your price ‘just right.’

6.  Consider selling your home then renting before you search for your dream property,  that way you will totally be in a position to buy quickly and not blocking the chain is one of the best ways to speed up your house sale

7. Consider selling to a professional property buyer who will very quickly buy your property so you are in a speedy position to buy.  Have a look here if you are looking  sell your house to  see what kind of cash offer you would get.

8. Do tell everyone you know you are selling – putting the word out there really optimises your chances of selling quickly

9. Be prepared for viewings at all times and take viewing s at short notice…this one could be THE ONE

10. Find all your relevant paperwork and have it in order and accessible. So many delays can be caused by missing paperwork!


So these are the top tips on ways to speed up your house sale  I would be very interested to hear any you have to add.  Would you also like to read my post on Things You Need To Do Before Your Home Goes Up for Sale


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