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25 things every thrifty family home needs

thrifty family home

I have been having a little think and asking a few of my blogger mum friends and here is our list of 25 things every thrifty family home needs …

Tea bags – perfect for any occasion, tears and unhappiness? cup of tea, bags under eyes – used tea bags after stick them on the composter  Maris World


String  Cheetahs in my shoes  

Wind up torches     Domestic Goddesque

Washi tape and sharpies, to turn basics like glass jars into personalised presents. Dorky mum



coconut oil



Vinegar, bicarbonate, of soda and coconut oil for pretty much every beauty & household use.  Dorky mum


Excel…invaluable for keeping track of my expenses Kiddy charts


compost bin


A Compost Bin  Pink Oddy

Keeping jars for making jam from foraged foods and having a foraging handbook. Plus 2.4


blue bike

Photo: Cycle Centre



A notebook for meal planning and an online supermarket shopping account so you only buy what you need and save the time/travel to the shops.  Cats Yellow Days



Confetti Hearts Flask


A flask

Sewing Kit

Flour – to make bread, cakes, scones, playdough – all cheap and cheerful cheer you up fixes that remind you that money isn’t important. Kids like playing in flour too. Alexander Residence

Spare buttons

Painting smocks

Different sized storage containers to freeze leftover food instead of throwing it out   Mummy Alarm


name labels

Name labels

Name labels for clothes (so they don’t keep getting lost)

A slow cooker  Plus 2.4

Library cards!

Insulated lunch and picnic bags for days out  All you need is love and cake

lunch bag


List of upcoming birthdays so you can buy really great presents when they are on offer!!   Cambridge mummy

A birthday box! Buy stuff when on sale, stash it and use it for birthday pressies as when they come up. Also saves on trips to the shop every other week during party season Troubles Mum

battery chargerEco Battery Wizard



A battery charger…god knows what we would do without it with all the blooming electronic gadgets these days; would cost a fortune in batteries!    Kiddy charts




Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

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