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3 ways to make your home stand out

I don’t know about you but I love a glossy home magazine. I love to peek inside other peoples houses and see how they have decorated, what furnishings they have used and what style they have.   I also like to look and at home and design blogs and I closely follow the HIBS100 home and lifestyle bloggers rankings to see what the top blogger are up too.

When the Pantone colour of the year is announced  I take note. When the interior design trends for the year are announced I am all over them. Following the pack, as I do, does not make for a very individual home design.

ways to make your home stand out

If you want your home to stand out you really have to take a different path.

Here are 3 ways to really make your home stand out without having to hire your own individual designer.

Wall murals

1) Consider a wall mural. Wall murals can look amazing and add a unique design to your walls. You can buy one of a multitude of design options or you can even use your own design. Can you imagine a wall filled with a mural from a photo you have taken yourself or perhaps, one of your child’s drawing bought to life? This would be just quirky, magical and definitely eye catching!  Wallsauce do a great variety of easy to apply wall murals and a design your own service.  Definitely different!



2) How about upcycling – perhaps snapping up a cheap old cupboard at a car boot sale and painting it an amazing colour and using decorative nobs to give it a twist. I have a post about upcycling with decorative knobs if you would like to take a peek. Or, maybe a pre-loved armchair then finding some funky fabric t upholster. A little creativity can go a long way in making your home stand out.


3) Art – art is an amazing way to make a home stand out. I have a friend who has a beautiful but very plain white kitchen but int he middle of the wall above her large plain wooden table was an outstanding pop art collage, full of colour and texture and just so achingly cool. Art that you love can make your home and it does not have to be extortionate. Artfinder sells unique and affordable art from thousands of artists all over the world and includes collages and sculptures as well as paintings and drawings. A fabulous way to create a unique look.

Can you think of other ways to make your home stand out?



collaborative post


For more ideas on how to make your home stand out why not go really quirly and check out some Alice in Wonderland wallpaper ?

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