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4 Ways To Live More Sustainably Starting From Today

You don’t just have to use the new year as an excuse to make some resolutions. So with it being half way through the year (yes, last Christmas is now further away then next Christmas), it can be a good idea to look at any resolutions you’ve had, as well as some new ones that you could start doing.

One really relevant resolution to be thinking about is living more sustainably. The word sustainability can be a little overused sometimes, so it can be important to look at what it really means, so it can be applied into your life. It is all about living with what you need, and not taking more away from the environment than you need. So from the products you have in your home, to the kind of clothes that you wear, it can all be part of how well you are living sustainably.

So with that in mind, here are some things that you can do around the home, to help you onto the more sustainable road. Have you thought of any of these before?

4 Ways To Live More Sustainably Starting From Today


Quit Bottled Water

It seems that people are one way or the other; pro bottled water or pro tap water. But if you are the former, it can be a bad habit to get into. Bottled water wasted many fossil fuels in the production and the transport of it all, and if they’re not recycled, then they’re just sat on landfill causing a lot of damage to the environment.


Buy Locally

From all things that you buy for your home, look to buy locally. From local farm shop groceries to handmade furniture from the UK, it can help to cut down on your impact on the environment, due to lower transport, pollution, and congestion.


Use Less Energy

Using energy to heat your home or for things like washing machines can mean a lower impact on the environment and your reliance on fossil fuels. However, there are some definite pluses of using gas or electricity. Gas is a fuel that has a low impact on the environment, in terms of carbon dioxide emissions anyway. Electricity, for heaters from places like electricradiatorsdirect or for charging cars like Tesla models, can end up being better for the environment that the alternative fuel would be. So reduce where you can, and use the best option if needed.


Go Paperless

The ink that we use for printing things out, and even on things like receipts, can cost quite a lot, as well as being toxic to us and the environment. Not to mention the damage that paper can do, as it means more and more trees being pulled down. So think about what you are printing out; do you really need to? It might sound like something small, as do all of these things on the list, but if we all start to do them and aim to live more sustainably from now on, it can have a great impact on the environment, as well as for us all.


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  1. August 16, 2018 / 6:27 am

    Great post! Its nice of you to use your blog as a platform to spread awareness about sustainability. These things that you shared here are very doable and its where people could start their part on helping in saving our environment. Keep up the great work!

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