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4 Ways to Save Space (and Money) in your House

No matter how much space we have, the number of possessions we own grows to fill it. It’s an old saying, but so true. Since most of us can’t afford (and wouldn’t want) to move house for more space every couple of years, finding alternative ways to enjoy and store possessions makes sense.

Ways to Save Space


#1 Divide and Conquer

The best way to get on top of storage and stay in control is to be ruthless with possessions. Sort them into items you use everyday, items you want on permanent display, items you never use but want to keep, and items you want to access maybe just a few times a year.

  • On Permanent Display – make full use of shelving. There are many different styles to choose from, and by placing them up high they create a permanent display area that children can’t reach. They’re also useful replacements for bookcases, freeing up floor space and making the room feel larger.
  • Everyday Items – these are the things you want quick and easy access too, so store them where you can reach them, In kitchen’s, for instance, you wouldn’t put your everyday coffee mugs in a cupboard you need a ladder to reach.
  • Irregular access items – these things can be stored in labelled plastic or cardboard boxes and stowed away in places such as under beds, on top of wardrobes, under the stairs, or on top of kitchen cabinets.
  • Items you never use – consider whether you want to keep them at all. Some you will want to keep, such as things with sentimental value or items you’ve inherited. These things are ideal candidates for self storage (see below).


#2 Investigate Self Storage

Storage facilities offer a wide range of storage rooms to suit all needs and budgets. For those with just a few small items or looking for somewhere safe to store documents, large lockers are available.

Other advantages include:

  • Short term rentals running from one week onwards.
  • Easy parking and convenient locations.
  • Long opening hours.
  • Trolleys or pallet trucks to help if you’re moving bulky items or heavy boxes.
  • Professional level security.
  • Low rental charges.

Many small business owners use self storage facilities for stock storage, saving space at home and being much cheaper than renting business offices. Other ways in which householders use self storage include safekeeping for bulky out of season items like lawn mowers or garden furniture, or to store out of season sports equipment.


#3 Max out your Closet Space

Wardrobes often have shelves as well as hanging space, but most standard wardrobes benefit from a little customisation:

  • Hang hooks inside the doors for handbag storage. A good tip is to stagger the height of the hooks to take into account different handle lengths.
  • For extra drawer space, install a small drawer tower such as the transparent plastic ones intended for crafts use. They make good, lightweight and inexpensive storage for all kinds of items from shoes to smalls.
  • If you don’t need much hanging length, consider installing a second rail below the first.
  • Invest in hangers for ties, scarves and belts to keep them all together.


#4 Control the Clutter

Furniture can help you control clutter, especially in living rooms and bedrooms, if you choose items that have storage built in. The most obvious are coffee and occasional tables that have either shelves or drawers, but you could also consider bespoke storage furnishings. These may include a built in window seat if you have a bay window, or usable storage built under bench seating in the kitchen dining area.

There are probably underused or incorrectly used corners in every house. Finding them and making the most of them can provide added storage space that keeps the things we own safe, tidy, and to hand.


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