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5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows


There are always plenty of things to keep you occupied when it comes to home maintenance, from simple household chores to more challenging projects like replacing broken roof tiles or fixing a burst pipe. While this list of homeowner responsibilities can be daunting, keeping on top of these tasks and your house in good shape will only benefit you in the long run and could even increase the value of your property. You might get preoccupied with things like your kitchen remodel or the bathroom, but you shouldn’t overlook your windows as they are an equally important areas to focus on. Below are a few reasons why you might want to consider getting your windows replaced.


1.   High Heating Bills

Are your energy bills getting high? Can you not seem to understand why you have the heating on for hours, but the house still feels a bit chilly? Well, there could be a few reasons for this, like a damaged roof or poor insulation in the property, but it could also be due to your windows. A worn-out seal around the frames could be letting in a draught, but if you don’t have double glazing it could be the real reason why your home is so cold. Double glazed upvc windows reduce the amount of heat excaping from your house, so be sure to ask for that or even triple glazing when you have your windows replaced.

2.   Damp

Damp might be another problem that you notice around your windows. Signs of damp can be in the form of mould, a musty smell in the area or that the walls feel wet to touch. You mustn’t ignore damp as it will spread through the house and can cause illness if it becomes too severe. If this is happening around your windows, it could again be thanks to a broken seal that is allowing water to get through. You can repair the seal itself, but if the damage is too far gone, then perhaps it’s better to have an entirely new window fitted.

3.   The Window Has Been Poorly Fitted

If the windows in your property have been there since before you moved in and you are having problems with keeping the house warm or leaks around the frames, it could be because they were poorly fitted to begin with. It’s essential to have windows that are properly installed and fitted, both to avoid draughts and leaks, as well as making sure that your home is secure.


5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

4.   Worn Out Locks

If your window locks are feeling a bit delicate or look worn-out, it’s time to get them replaced. If you don’t, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk of break-ins or you simply won’t be able to open your windows at all. You might be able to just get the locks replaced on the window, but if your windows are looking old and dreary anyway why not have a brand-new one fitted?

5.   Improved Style

Finally, if you’re trying to revamp your property and increase its kerb appeal, having some new and more stylish windows fitted could help you to achieve this. Whether they have some stained-glass featured in the panes or you put in a sash or picture window, you’d be surprised at how much they can change the look of a property.

If you’re experiencing any of the issues above, perhaps it’s time to replace your property’s windows with ones that are of great quality and in the style you prefer.



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