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7 Homemade Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Today’s post – Homemade Christmas Ornaments Ideas

A few days ago, we published an article that showed you how to make a festive wreath. Because we love Christmas so much we are going to take things one stage further and show you how to make a whole range of Christmas decorations!


Homemade Christmas Ornaments Ideas


Homemade Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Patterned Paper Ornaments

If you have any wrapping paper left over from last year, you can use it to create stunning paper bows that can be hung on the tree as decorations or used to decorate gifts. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to make paper bows along with a printable template file.


Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

Cinnamon stick decorations are a great way to fill your home with a beautiful festive aroma, and are very easy to make. If you have an old artificial evergreen Christmas tree you can use it to create mini Christmas tree decorations.

You will need 5 pieces of artificial tree, the largest piece being 12cm in length. Each subsequent piece should be cut 2cm shorter than the one before it. The shortest piece should be 4cm in length.

You will also need 1 Cinnamon stick, beads or buttons, ribbon or twine, a glue gun.

Arrange the pieces horizontally over a vertical cinnamon stick “trunk”, the pieces should be spaced equally apart and arranged in order of shortest to longest. Glue the pieces in place with a hot glue gun.

Next, make a loop with ribbon or twine and glue this to the back of the tree at the top of the trunk. This will allow you to hang the decoration on the tree, so make sure the loop is big enough. Decorate your cinnamon stick tree with button or bead baubles.


Love and Joy Ornaments

Love and Joy ornaments are beautiful script font decorations that convey a message of “Love” or “Joy”. The decorations are made by creating a digital template using a script font that connects all the letters together. The template is used as a cutting guide for an electronic cutting tool. This device is a little bit like a printer, except it cuts shapes out of cardstock instead of printing. You will need to cut 4 word shapes for each ornament, the pieces are then glued together to give the ornament the required thickness. After the glue has dried, you can lightly sand the edges to blend the individual pieces together. Loop some floral wire through the lettering so that you can hang the decoration on your tree.

If you don’t have an electronic cutting tool, check out https://www.ponoko.com/laser-cutting. Ponoko provide laser cutting services that help turn your design into reality. Prices start from just $1, so this a really cost-effective way to create truly unique Love and Joy ornaments. To get started just download the design template, add your custom script font design, then upload the completed template to get an instant quote. You can choose from 99+ materials including wood, brass, and stainless steel.


Rudolph Ornament

We love this idea; Rudolph ornaments are easy to make and allow you to transform a battery-operated tea light into a Rudolph decoration complete with a glowing nose. Find out how to make them here.


Gold Hand-Lettered Ornaments

To make Gold hand-lettered Christmas tree ornaments you will need a gold oil-based marker, plastic ornament globes, metallic gold spray paint, ribbons, and pearlescent craft beads.

Spray paint the globe caps and allow them to dry before turning them over and painting the other side. You can give the globe caps a second coat if required.

Add a few pearlescent beads to each globe before attaching the caps. Use the gold marker to add calligraphy style lettering to each globe, then tie a ribbon bow around the top of the globe, just under the globe cap.


DIY Sprinkle Ornaments

Sprinkle ornaments are very easy to make, simply pour a little clear varnish into a plastic ornament globe and then swirl the globe around to coat the inside evenly. Next turn the globe upside down over some newspaper to allow the excess varnish to drain. Drain for about 10 minutes, then pour some sprinkles into the globe and swirl around to coat the entire inside surface. Pour out any excess sprinkles then attach the globe cap.


Upcycled CD Christmas Ornaments

To transform your old CDs into snowman ornaments, you will need dried black beans, a glue gun, orange tissue paper, an old CD, white acrylic paint, silver glitter, black buttons.

Paint the front of the CD white using the acrylic paint, and sprinkle glitter over the disk whilst the paint is still wet. Allow the paint to dry completely before turning over and repeating the process.

Next glue on the black button eyes and black beans to form a mouth. To make your snowman’s carrot nose, cut a square of tissue paper and grab the piece in the centre. Gently twist to scrunch up the tissue paper and create a cone shape. Trim off any excess tissue paper on the back of the disk, leaving about 2cm protruding.


I hope you are inspired! It’s as much fun to make  these homemade Christmas ornamernt ideas as it is to hang them up and admire them.


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