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A brand new way to pay for energy bills with Eversmart

Major money saving news alert!


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A new way to pay for energy

I am so excited to tell you about this absolute game changer in paying for your energy bills.

Are you ready? – this is new, exciting and completely different. But is simple too and it’s really going to save you. There is a new way to pay for your energy and it is really smart.


Family Saver Club

This revolutionary new energy tariff from Eversmart energy is called ‘Family Saver Club’.

How it works is simple:

By paying for your energy upfront for the year, you receive at gratifying injection of 12% annual interest to your account. To be specific, that’d be 1% interest per month over the course of 12 months. That’s better than a street savings account or an ISA!

Isn’t that completely fantastic!

But wait there is more…


CHEAPEST fixed energy tariff in the UK

Family Saver Club is also the cheapest fixed energy tariff in the UK.


How it works in 3 simple steps

Step 1 Get a quote

Give Eversmart a few simple details  (2 mins) and they’ll give you a quote for your gas and electricity.

Step 2 Choose to pay yearly

You will be given the option to pay for your energy yearly or monthly. Select “Yearly”

Step 3 Start earning!

Once your switch is complete, they will add 1% interest to your credit balance each month. That’s better than a high street savings account or an ISA!

You can view interest whenever you like by logging in to your account.



The benefits of paying for your energy yearly with Eversmart

It’s a one-off payment then you can forget about it

You get a fixed price for 12 months on the cheapest fixed energy tariff on the market

A typical user could earn up to £10 per month!

Reassuringly it is  100% renewable electricity and Eversmart are a family run business whose mission it is to take better care of people.

 We protect our customers from high prices and poor service


£50 credit for you for signing up

And an EXTRA £50 saving for signing up via my link HERE (oh and just so you know I also get £50 credit – love a win/win!)

I love this revolutionary way to pay for energy. Isn’t it inspired!

Please share the thrifty ♥

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