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A very simple way to save money in your home

Switching your light bulbs to LED light bulbs is a really simple way to save money in your home.  I could end this blog post here and if you followed through on my suggestion and changed all your light bulbs you make significant savings and be helping the environment too …it really is that simple.

LED lights really are a simple way to save money but they also save time and effort too. After making the switch you LED bulbs won’t need changing for at least a decade. How cool is that.A typical LED bulb lasts 50,000 Hours and an Incandescent Bulb typically lasts 2,000 Hours. They can save you up to £250 a year in power costs which is a HUGE saving and despite the initial outlay being higher you make a saving on buying them because they last so long.



LED bulbs do need to be price compared however as there is high variability in pricing and the prices of lights varies massively between retailers. It’s not tricky and does not involve hours of shopping around online. All you have to do is pop to WhichLedLight.com and compare prices on the bulbs you want and find the cheapest place to buy them.

Switching to LED’s is a simple process and well worthwhile.




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