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Are You Selling A Short-Term Lease Apartment?

It might be difficult to find a buyer for a home with a lease that has fewer than 80 years left on it. If you try to sell through an estate agency, you’ll almost always have to renew the lease, which may be both costly and time-consuming. So, what can you do if you don’t want to do that yet need to sell your flat with a short lease?

We at Home House Buyers may assist you. After we ask you a few simple questions and study the worth of your home, we’ll make you a cash offer for the apartment. We promise no hidden fees and resolve every issue fast and easily. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how short leaseholds operate, go over your alternatives, and address the most frequently asked questions regarding selling short leasehold properties.


Are You Selling A Short-Term Lease Apartment?

Are You Having Trouble Selling A Flat With A Short Lease?

As previously said, selling an apartment with a short leasehold may be a nightmare if approached conventionally. Anyone interested in purchasing your flat will expect you to renew the lease; if you don’t – because it’s unreasonably expensive – your buyer will consider this a red flag. This is because any lease with fewer than 80 years remaining requires the person to pay “marriage costs” in addition to the expected legal fees. Meanwhile, as the lease is prolonged, the property gains tremendous value.

To summarize, many individuals wind up with a property they need to sell to free up cash, but they can’t afford to prolong the lease in such a manner that the apartment sells. If you are one of these folks, you may be stuck with a property that you are unable to sell.

Do You Have A Short Leasehold Flat?

Having a short-term lease might pose several issues:

  • As the lease on your property expires, the value of the property decreases.
  • Potential purchasers perceive the short lease as a red flag, noting that extending the lease is costly and cumbersome. Furthermore, they will be aware that they will be unable to ask for a lease renewal until they have purchased the property for at least two years.
  • If you want to refinance your house, the short lease will most certainly make it difficult to get anyone to agree to a mortgage.
  • As the lease lengthens, the expense of extending it grows.


As A Short-Term Lessee, You Have The Following Options:

You have two basic possibilities as to sell a flat with a short lease. You may either prolong the short lease so that you can sell the apartment more easily in the future, or you can try to sell the flat immediately if you can’t afford to extend the lease. Each choice has pros and disadvantages.


Option 1: Prolonging The Short Lease

Extending the short lease to sell the apartment later implies you’ll earn more money in the long run. However, you must wait for it and pay for the extension in the interim. It’s frequently just hard to extend the lease unless you have a lot of money, especially if money is the major reason you want to sell in the first place.


Option 2: Sell The Short-Term Lease Apartment

If you are unable to extend the lease on the apartment, its market value decreases. Home House Buyers, on the other hand, will buy any apartment with a short lease and will give you the greatest offer we can. If you need money quickly, we can help you turn your short-term lease into cash that you can use to invest in whatever you like.

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