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To Buy a House or Build One : The Pro’s and Con’s

Today – To Buy a House or Build One

I have been looking for a new home for a few months now. I am having such a time of finding one that exactly suits our needs, that we can also afford and that I love. In some way or other each and every time we find a house that appeals to us, one of these aspects seems to be missing. I don’t need the house to be perfect but I need it to feel perfect and meet our needs in a practical way.


buy a house or build one


To Buy a House or Build One – the pros and cons

Moving house is such a  upheaval especially after living in our present home for 14 years. 2 kids and about a million more items later the thought of uprooting us all is overwhelming to say the least.

But we are too big for our current home so this has to happen.

On my searches of our local area I found a beautiful plot of land for sale in the exact location I would love. All of a sudden another option had popped into my mind…may we could build a house rather than buy one?

I mentioned this to a few people who seemed to thing this was a bit of a farfetched and unrealistic idea..but actually I think it is rather appealing in lots of ways and perhaps not as daunting as it first sounds.

Here are my pros and cons on whether we should buy a house or build one


The cons of building your own home

  • It is going to involve a lot of your time, effort and energy in recruiting the right people/design /planning and overseeing the work.
  • It will take longer and their may be delays and set backs.
  • You are going have to ensure the proper planning permission’s are in place.
  • Your garden will take time to mature and become established.


The pros of building your own home

  • You get pretty much absolutely free rein on deciding how your home is going to look, how many rooms it will have and what it will like – you really can design the home of your dreams
  • You can protect yourself while building your own home by taking out latent defects insurance. This helps provide cover in the event of an inherent defect in the design, workmanship or materials while the project is on-going.
  • It can be a cheaper option particularly if you are able to do some of the work yourself.
  • It will all be brand new and as good a quality as you can afford.
  • You can also make sure it has great green credentials and is built to last.

Ooh there are more pros than cons on my little list. How interesting is that!  Have you any to add to either list?

You might also like to read an interesting article on budgeting from HomeBuilding.co.uk, where you can see a detailed breakdown on what is involved in a new build.

I would love to hear from you if you have ever been involved in building your own and what your thoughts are on this? I would just love to design the home of my dreams. I  used to sketch it out then I was a child. Just imagine being able to bring that vision to life.


I hope you have enjoyed my post weight up the pros and cons on whether to buy a house or build one


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