How to choose furniture that suits your kids

Choosing furniture for your kids can be a relative minefield, but here are our top tips for making the process easier:

Involve your kids

First and foremost, involve your children from the start; get their input on their likes and dislikes. They may not be possible or desirable, but beginning by listening is a good place to start. You might be surprised by how modest and attainable their desires are. It might be that what they hanker after is their big brother’s outgrown desk or a bean bag just like their best friend has.


Be prepared to compromise. If your child chooses a colour that you loathe, then choose furniture in neutral colours that are versatile and will last, but add bright pops of colour with soft furnishings and inexpensive items that you can easily change.


Set a budget and stick to it, when you to get to the point of purchase, be sure to check for additional delivery costs. A more expensive piece of furniture may include a free delivery –potentially making it more economical overall.

Short term or long term

Consider if you’re looking for a long term or a short term solution. Do you want to purchase a bed that your child can grow into and will last for a long time or are you looking for a short term solution that will quickly be outgrown? This is a crucial point to consider as it will inform so many of your other shopping decisions.


Also, consider the versatility of each item of furniture. Can it grow with your child or be utilised in a different way. Could a blanket box used to store plastic toys be used at a later date to store clothes for instead?

Shop around

Just like any other shopping, it pays to shop around. Have a look at what’s available online to give you an idea of style and costs. If you want to the see furniture at close quarters, then have a look for local showrooms or retail outlets. You may even find a local factory outlet selling items at a discounted rate.

Consider vintage

Give a thought to buying vintage goods, as this is an economical option and can also be a great way to add a little personality to a decorating scheme. Visiting a local auction room can be an exciting experience, as can perusing your local car boot sales. Charity shops also provide a great way to find a vintage bargain.


Buy robust furniture that will last; solid wood furniture is an excellent option for a child’s bedroom in this respect. Direct Furniture Land offers a range of solid oak furniture that is both robust and designed in a classic, understated style that will last – making it a great investment for child’s bedroom.


Give a thought to storage solutions too, from wardrobes to chest of drawers; good storage will help your child make the most of their bedroom and keep the clutter in check.

So there you have our guide to choosing furniture that suits both you and your kids, we hope you’ve found it helpful.




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