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Choosing Art That’s Right for Your Home

Choosing Art That’s Right for Your Home

Not all of us who want to decorate our walls with beautiful pieces of art are art curators or artists ourselves, so choosing the right pieces can become a difficult and confusing job. It doesn’t have to be, though, because the following tips will help you choose art that’s not only beautiful but perfectly complements your home’s décor as well.

Choosing Art That’s Right for Your Home

Listen to Your Heart

Choosing art is not a scientific decision, but one of the heart. Go to a gallery or visit one online and just look at the artwork for sale from various artists to see which ones appeal to you the most. Even if you find yourself particularly attracted to a piece that you are not sure would sit perfectly with your interior design, feel free to choose it anyway because art is not about fitting in, it’s about expression. Besides, contrast in-between fine art and the décor often works brilliantly towards enhancing the aesthetic value of your home.

Support Young Artists

Apart from the fact that young artists need your patronage more than the established ones to flourish in their trade, their work is also a lot cheaper. In fact, the more popular the artist grows down the line, the more expensive that piece of art you own will become. New creators often bring a fresh outlook on a previously established subject and the chance of finding something unique is far greater in their arsenal.

Don’t Neglect the Framing

The worst thing you can do is encase a piece of beautiful and expensive fine art in a cheap and ugly frame. Opt for custom framing with non-acidic materials and the work will look even better than it did without the frame.


Instead of creating a museum of arts with similar themes, create a collage of contrasts and variety. There’s no reason why that $10,000 oil painting cannot sit just beside the $50 street art on your wall. Art doesn’t know or care about the price you paid for the work, it just concerns itself with the expression of the artist who painted it. Mix and match on your walls until you find your own expression through them.

Do Not be Afraid to Shock

The thing about shocking or freaky art is that it is remembered, albeit criticized. While you should never select a piece for the shock factor alone, if you find it attractive, do not disregard it either for being too edgy or inappropriate.

You Might be Able to Customize

In a situation where you have found art that really calls out to you, but you would like it more if the piece was smaller, larger or could be customized in small bits, do ask the artist to see if he/she cannot make a customized piece for you. More often than not, they are willing to do that.

There are so many options out there when choosing fine art that all you need to find the right works is an open mind. The only thing to consider would be the size of the painting and whether or not it will fit in your intended room. The rest, however, should come to you naturally.


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    I love these tips, you always inspire me with your art choices!

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