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A Christmas table setting guide


Christmas table setting guide

Over at House of Fraser there is an inspirational  Christmas table setting guide

Christmas dinner is such an important occasion in the festive season isn’t it and so much work goes into preparing the meal it absolutely deserves to be beautifully presented.

But where to start?

Tell me about your Christmas table settings? Are they absolutely fabulous, gleaming , glistening, original, beautiful and memorable?


Mine aren’t. Mine are uninspired to say the least!

I tend to serve the veggies in bowls and perhaps plonk down a candle and if I can find one I may once in a blue moon even use a table cloth. I know that’s not particularly stylish is it!

I do need to make more of an effort

Some people really make an art of Christmas table settings and I am determined to do better for my family this year.

In the table settings guide I found  advice on crackers (which I adore) garlands, centerpieces, tablecloths and runners.

Crackers I do tend to splurge on a little but I do adore them and they really are just a once a year thing aren’t they?

I have never used a garland at the table but I do  like the idea. House of Fraser have a range with lights and artificial snow, on a crisp white table cloth  that would look amazing I think.


I love the idea of a centre piece too and a big glass bowl filled with baubles and light is a fabulously thrifty option.

What a great thrifty tip!

So I am now a lot more excited about decorating our table for Christmas.

What do you usually do?




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  1. Sarah Christie
    November 26, 2016 / 8:56 pm

    I must say I love setting the Christmas table I do plan it a bit, and make sure it all matches x

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