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Could I make a mortgage claim?

Today – Could I make a mortgage claim?

I know you love to keep a thrifty home and are all about upcycling, recycling, bargains and DIYs.  You love your home and want it to look beautiful and you stay mindful of money in the process.

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Could I make a mortgage claim?

You also probably put a lot of thought into the home you bought and made sure you were getting really good value for money too. I can imagine you looked at comparative property prices and really considered whether or not you could afford the mortgage you opted for and if it would be a worthwhile investment.

You, my lovely thrifty-home readers are a savvy bunch.

But still, it is easy to be persuaded out of money as we all know from the very many PPI claims that have been filed successfully. I put mine off for ages but when I finally claimed I received nearly £1000 for minimal effort. It was rightfully mine all along and I had been mis-sold several loans.

Could this have happened to you in regard to your mortgage?

What do you know about mortgage claims ?


Mortgage Claims

First of all, when did you buy your house?

If you bought it after 2004 there is a real possibility that you were mis-sold your mortgage.

There are many different ways a mortgage can have been missold including – Your mortgage post-retirement: Is your mortgage going to run past your retirement age? Do you know how you will make the repayments? Was this all explained clearly to you? Maybe you were encouraged to take an interest-only mortgage? You will pay more in the end – was this fully explained?

In order to look into your claim all you need to provide is –

  • the name of your mortgage provider
  • the date it was started

Pretty simple info to access isn’t it and wow! could it make a difference.

And, don’t be put off if your circumstances have changed in regard to where you live now or who you live with or if your original financial advisor is no longer trading- you can still claim.


So how much could you claim?

Claim Your Mortgage are currently processing claims with compensation values ranging from £18,000 – £325,000. If you pop over to their site you can get a free, no-obligation initial consultation. It is well worth looking into this. We are not talking small change here. You might actually be owed a great deal of money! For a few minutes of your time, this really is well worth investigating. Just think what you could do with all that money that is rightfully yours in the first place.


This may well be one blog post you are VERY glad to have read. Don’t put this off..if you think there is the slightest chance this applies to you have a look at making your claim now.

I hoep you have found my post Could I make a mortgage claim? to be useful.


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