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Create any paint colour you want with Valspar

B&Q had a little event last week  with Charis Williams (she is the UK’s leading Salvage Sister on channel 4) an attendees got to make their own wooden initial and to create their  own personalised paint pot with B&Q’s Valspar mixing desk. My son started secondary school the very same day so sadly I had to miss it.

Shame. I would have loved to meet Charis and I would have loved to have colour matched paint to my slightly odd red sofas.

Valspar paint has great credentials. It has been around for over 200 years and i stains, paints and coatings be found on many items, from the first flight across the Atlantic to grand pianos and fizzy drinks. I think that makes it a pretty trustworthy brand don’t you?

In terms of colour matching they say

Valspar uses incredible colour matching technology to create paint in any colour that the eye can see – that’s an amazing 2.2 million colours

All you have to do is head to your B&Q Store offering the Valspar colour matching service and bring in your colour sample then they will scan your colour, creating a bespoke recipe just for you.

Your colour can be mixed into pretty much any kind of paint you want indoor or outdoors.


I think this is a top idea. I love a bit of co-ordination.




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