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Create The Cosiest Living Room Before Winter

Are you wondering how to create the ultimate Cosiest Living Room…read on!

Changing Up Your Seasonal Interior

As it’s time to say goodbye to summer, find out how to invite winter into your home with these deliciously comforting design ideas.

Nothing says ‘cosy’ better than curling up in front of a log fire in the comfort of your living room. But with valid concerns about the environmental effects of burning solid fuel, homeowners are looking at other ways to transform their living room into a snug retreat. Here are some interior design tricks to help you do just that.

Create The Cosiest Living Room


Gone are the long summer evenings, and here are the winter nights filled with soft and twinkly lights that create a magical ambience in advance of the festivities. Instead of strong ceiling lighting, you can opt for a number of lamps instead. Use a mix of tall floor lamps, as well as table lamps. Spread them around the room to emanate a soft, warm glow from the darkest of corners, without providing a harsh glare. If you’re into your tech, then you can play around with the use of smart bulbs to find a colour that suits your mood. In terms of lampshades, go with a type that complements the existing style of your room – whether that be a vintage antique, classic design, or trendy contemporary shade.


Seasonal scents can make your cosy living room even more inviting. Swap out your summer fragrances – it’s time to ditch the lemongrass and lavender, in favour of homely festive smells such as mulled spices, cinnamon, vanilla, and pine needles. There are lots of options for dispensing your favourite fragrance – during the evenings, you’ll love watching the flickering light of a scented candle, but in the middle of the day, a reed diffuser is also a fantastic way to spread that feeling of luxe across your living room.

Layering Up With Textiles

Not only do chunky fabrics such as a crochet blanket and cushion cover provide an extra way to keep you warm on those chillier nights, but they’re also an important visual part of making your living room feel snug. A sofa lined with throws made of chunky yarn invite you to you settle on them and are simply heaven as you sip on a hot chocolate and read a good book. But the sofa isn’t the only place where you need to add some extra visual depth.

Take a look at the layout of your room and work out the best area to position a thick rug. If you have a larger room with lots of empty space inbetween, then you’ll likely need to focus on using more than one rug for extra homeliness – this is particularly the case if you have hardwood or laminate flooring instead of carpet.

Filling Up Your Walls

Winter isn’t about minimalism. That isn’t to say that it’s about clutter either, but your living room needs to feel ‘lived-in’ to give off a cosy vibe. Add some large fabric foot stools to throw your feet up onto when relaxing in front of the television, install some tall bookcases filled with your favourite reads and you could even get a customised window seat cushion made for extra comfort as you gaze outside at the falling leaves, and later snow.

There’s every reason to feel excited about the winter months when you’re coming home to such a beautiful living room every day – just remember to leave a space for the Christmas tree!


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