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Creating a Scent of Christmas

So tell me what do you think the scent of \Christmas is?

I think of dried oranges, figs, candy canes, mulled wine, pine needleS and of course cinamon and gingerbread too. So many lovely aromas conjure up Christmas.

Of all our senses our sense of smell is often the most neglected when it comes to creating a home you love. But is actually really important and pretty inexpensive sense to please

Having a home filled with the scent of a season really appeals to me  Air Wick Life Scents Mulled Wine by the Fire is a multi-format home fragrance range.

I love their elegant reed diffusers and at just £7.99 and lasting four weeks I think these are an inexpensive way to add a little Christmas to your home.

A warm, festive fragrance combination of Firewood, Clementines and Mulled Wine. (yes of course I had forgotten firewood and  clementines! ) You can get plug ins and candles and air fresheners in the same scent they are available from Asda, Tesco. Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Wilko. So completlety grorgous it just puts you in a good mood and you will find you are feeling festive straight away.

Mulled wine, Scent of ChristmasI also bought a pine air freshener so our artificial tree smells like the real thing!

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