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Creating a wonderful first impression with your home

A warm welcome to your home

What strikes you first about a home? For me, creating that first impression with your home starts with the front door – a home’s welcome onto the world.

If the front door looks good quality and inviting we eagerly wait for it to be opened. If the front door looks in poor repair and neglected, old and worn and unloved which pretty much expect the inside to be the same.

Front doors are the gateways to our home and as such need to be looking good! I think they deserve a lot more TLC than they get and it’s time we gave them more consideration.  Your front door matters and the attention you give to it will be so worthwhile.

This is especially true if you are wanting to sell you home – buyers really do care that the exterior of a house looks good and can make up their minds in a moment as to whether or not they want to see more.

You will be judged on your front door just like you are judged on your clothes – so do give it some of your attention!


first impression with your home

How to revamp your front door

If you aren’t ready to replace your front door giving it a revamp can really improve it. A really good clean and a re-paint and varnish can work wonders on wood. A new knocker and number and letterbox can also make it look a lot more swish. Even a new doormat can make a difference. All these jobs can be simply done with a good old youtube tutorial, a bit of elbow grease and a small expense.

If you are looking to replace it completely though there are some design elements you may want to consider.


The right kind of front door for your home

I always find it strange when a front door and a home mismatch.

I like to see cohesion and flow in a home and I feel a modern home deserves a modern front door. I have a friend who has the most beautiful front door. It is a shiny dark blue with brass knockers and a letterbox. There is always a production of flowers spilling out of hanging baskets and the window. You open the door to a Victorian home full of colourful prints o and original features and a clean fresh look and an abundance of original features. The door and the home match perfectly and are in perfect harmony.

A more modern home needs a more modern front door. If you haven’t a clue what I mean by modern doors I think you are going to be very impressed with quite how far they have come!


Contemporary doors

The front doors of today are technologically so advanced compared to our put in the key doors we have all had for so very long.

Now there are doors that open to your fingerprints and even voice recognition doors. These are both a great security feature and a beautiful design innovation allowing a sleek and modern look to the front of your house. A huge selling point too. Whilst these are ‘luxury’ doors right now they will at some point int he future I am sure to become more regular. It is always good to be at the cutting edge of design particularly if you are looking to add value to your home. Getting a contemporary door with modern design features really can give your home a unique selling point and it is a simple way to increase it’s value and sellability without major disruption.

Smart doors

Now I know you are super impressed by the doors I have just told you about but actually, there is something even more amazing just around the corner. By the end of this year luxury door designers Pirnar will have launched Theatrica. Pirnar are innovators in front door design and make the most beautiful luxury entry doors you can possibly imagine. Theatrica will be launched by them this year. It’s rather amazing.

Theatrica is actually a smart entrance wall, the first contactless and fully automatic entrance wall in the world. Just by looking at it you can open it.  It simply and sleeky opens by sliding into the wall then sliding out again to close. How absolutely fabulous is that!

Oh my goodness now wouldn’t that be a door to show off about!


Give your front door some attention

So how do you go about creating a wonderful first impression with your home? Does it start with your hallway? Or does it start with your garden gate? Or like me – are you all about the front door. So from simple tweaks and DIY’s to absolutely cutting edge and innovative design, there are a lot of things you can do to upgrade your front door to make it look better.  It is so worth it!




Creating a wonderful first impression with your home




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