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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

If you own a home with a garden, you might be wondering how to get the most out of it and turn it into a space that you can enjoy throughout the year. Approximately 87% of homes in the UK have a garden, but the truth is that these spaces often get wasted. Some people see them as a hassle and headache, thanks to the fact that they need regular maintenance. As a result, many gardens simply get used for dumping old and unwanted items.

When designed properly, gardens can be a beautiful space where you and your family can relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Even in the winter, gardens should offer an oasis of peace in your busy household. In this article, you’ll learn ways to create the ideal outdoor living space.


Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Creating the Foundation

Any good building project starts with a plan and a good foundation. This means getting to grips with what you actually want and starting the process of putting your plan together. You can find a lot of inspiration and guides online to give you ideas for what kind of loving space you can create.

The majority of garden areas feature a hardscape, either using a patio or decking. This allows you to position and move furniture easily without worrying about the legs of the chairs and tables sinking into the ground. When building and designing your decking, you can use self drilling screws such as those found on this site.

Using the right tools to build your hardscape is essential, as it needs to be flat and even across the entire area. If there are any issues with it, you’ll find it difficult to use, and it won’t look right. Make sure your planning process includes proper measurements, and get help from experts if you need it.

Plant Selection

Of course, a garden isn’t much without plants. Even if you’re planning on paving the entire area to reduce the amount of mowing you need to do, having some pot plants is essential for colour and ambience. The plants you choose for your outdoor living area really say a lot about you, but they’ll also impact the look and feel of your garden.

Shrubs and trees provide shade in the hot summer months and are also great screens to give your garden additional privacy from neighbours. You should choose plants that are suitable for the climate and check what kind of maintenance is required before you buy. Although planting and pruning can be a lot of work, some species are much easier to care for than others.

Consider the environmental impact of your plant selection too. It’s good to encourage pollinators such as bees and butterflies, and they’ll also help your garden feel more alive and look more natural. Choose native species and consider plants that don’t require a lot of water.


While the plant selection is important, the furnishings are what turns your garden into an outdoor living area. You need to have enough furniture to make sure everyone is comfortable, and the right furnishings can really add a lot of style and elegance to the space.

Make sure any furniture you choose is not only comfortable but also suitable for outdoor use. Metal should be coated to prevent rusting and corrosion, while wooden furniture needs to be treated regularly with varnish. Use tables and chairs that can be moved around easily, so you can adjust your layout when needed.

Another key feature of any outdoor space should be lighting. When you’re sitting out in summer evenings, you want to be able to socialise and cool down with soft lights. Bright lights attract bugs and can hurt your eyes, but fairy lights and candles help set a relaxing mood.

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