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Defeat Your Inner-Hoarder…With an Oak Bookcase

Does your living room resemble a series of newspaper-and-book-and-magazine islands? Are the majority of said books and magazines things you are ‘saving for later’? Do you hesitate from inviting visitors because you can’t think where they would sit? If any of these apply to you, it is likely that your inner hoarder has gotten a little too big for its boots. But fear not! Even your most minimalist of friends will have one – they have simply discovered a way to beat it down to a near-invisible pulp. The question is how can you get yours under control?

1. Appeasement

Tell your inner hoarder not to worry; you are not going to throw anything out: you are simply going to move its oh-so precious stuff from the floor to a beautiful and classy new home, i.e. a bookcase. If it doesn’t believe you, show it solid evidence in the form of photos. Wood is classier than synthetic materials and oak is one of the classiest bookcase materials of all. The highly affordable and wide-ranging selection from Furniture Plus Online, for example, would be sure to make even the noisiest of inner-hoarders shut up for a good while.

oak bookcase


2. Have a Long Term Strategy

When choosing your bookcase, imagine what your want your life (and your living room) to look like, not only in a month’s time, but in a year and two years and ten years’ time. Do you want to expand your vintage record or cd or pottery collection? Do you hope to be raking in sports trophies? Will you need more space for photos of your growing family? Choose a bookcase which fits with the hopes and desires which are specific to you.

Oak is a robust wood which is able to withstand all that life may throw at us. It is also the lazy homemaker’s dream in that you only need to polish it twice a year and requires little TLC to keep it looking as fresh as the day you bought it. It also fits into a range of decorative themes, from the modern to the traditional, so if your tastes take an unanticipated change of direction, there’s no need to worry; your oak bookcase will fit right in to every style.


3. Surprise!

You never know, your beautiful new bookcase might just scare off your inner-hoarder for good!




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