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Designing a Kids Room that Will Stay Tidy

Designing a Kids Room that Will Stay Tidy

Today – Designing a Kids Room that Will Stay Tidy

If you’ve got kids of any age, you’ve probably found that their stuff has taken over most of your house. Their own room is a huge mess, but still, their possessions seem to make their way into every room of the house. When they are very young, it’s big toys and little clothes. Then, as they start getting older, the clothes get bigger and start getting dumped everywhere, and the toys get smaller and multiply. If you want to try and keep your kids’ stuff in their rooms, while also keeping their room tidy, you may think that you are in for a battle. But, the key is in the design of their bedroom. A well-designed room can make all of the difference. Here’s what you need to do.


Designing a Kids Room that Will Stay Tidy

Have a Huge Declutter

Kids are terrible at keeping everything. They won’t play with something for years, but the second you announce that the happy meal toy they haven’t looked at for three years are being thrown away, it becomes their favourite thing in the whole world. If you let them, they’d keep everything forever. So, you may have to be smart with your declutter and do it while they are at school.

However, you do it; it’s essential to keeping their rooms clean. Somethings, you’ll be able to recycle. Others could be sold or donated, and some might just need throwing away. Take your time and do a thorough job.

Let them Help

When it comes to décor and furniture, it’s a good idea to let them help as much as possible. If they love the room, they will be more inclined to keep it tidy. Kids taste changes all of the time, so it can be a good idea to keep the walls painted light and plain. Then, add their choices of décor to the accessories, bedding and other areas. You could even frame some posters from their favourite TV shows and films. This way, it’s easier to change things when they change their minds.

Make it Fun

If you want the kids to tidy up themselves, try to make it fun. One awesome way to do this is with Lego storage. As you kids get older, Lego can become the bane of your life. You spend hours putting it together, following the instructions, for them to tear it apart in seconds. It gets everywhere, and every parent knows the pain of treading on it in bare feet. A cool Lego storage until makes tidying Lego fun.

You can also add fun bookshelves and large toy chests. Just make sure your kids can reach their storage units and shelves themselves if you want them to help.

Use the Space Well

Our kids rooms are often smaller than our own, which can make it hard to keep tidy. If this is the case, make sure you use the space you have got well. Install under bed storage boxes that are easy to pull out. Add low hangers and hooks to the doors and walls, and mount shelves on the walls.


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