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Designing A New Bedroom? Then Make Sure It Helps You Sleep

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As a modern homeowner looking to upgrade your bedroom, you may have several expectations for the room. First and foremost, though, this space should encourage a good night’s sleep. After all, this is one aspect of life where many of us are lacking.

If the bedroom helps you achieve a healthier sleep pattern, you’ll find that any other shortcomings feel almost insignificant. So, how can you be sure to achieve the desired outcome? Let’s take a closer look at six of the most crucial factors.


Start With A Comfortable Bed

A comfortable bed is the most important piece of furniture in your life. You should be asleep for around eight hours of every day, which is why you cannot ignore its importance. Aside from the direct impact on your rest and recovery, it can influence posture and other aspects.

Conducting a little research into mattresses will underline the need to take greater care with this purchase. It’ll aid the ongoing maintenance. Finding the right size, firmness and style are imperative. Meanwhile, you may want to consider beds that can change position too.

A good bed frame is beneficial too, not least on for the room’s appearance. Do not forget it.


Keep Sunlight & Noise At Bay

It’s always easier to gain an uninterrupted night’s sleep when the room is blessed with darkness. Or at the very least, you want to have the soft vibes of a skylight rather. Having harsh sunlight enter your room is far from ideal, especially if you happen to sleep in the day due to working nights.



As such, keeping the sunshine out of your room should be a priority. The best way to do this is through blackout blinds and shutters. On a separate note, choosing thicker windows will reduce noise pollution. It may boost the insulation properties too.

This can make the whole room feel private and calm. Perfect.


Create A Peaceful Vibe

The atmosphere promoted by your bedroom décor will make a significant impact on your sleep patterns as well as your feelings towards the room. The first step en route to success is to avoid the threat of overcrowding the room. You need the space to breath, which is why simplicity is king.

Then again, this is your personal space too. As such, injecting a sense of personality and character on the room is vital. You can find various decorative pieces here. Opting for angelic and peaceful themes should give you the best chance at encouraging a happy arena.

Opting for neutral tones is often the best option for colour schemes, especially if the space is limited.


Remove Potential Distractions

Making the right investments and additions to the room provides a solid foundation. However, it’s worth noting that your personal habits and activities make a huge difference too. This is one area where many people unknowingly encourage disrupted sleep patterns. Addressing this is key.

Cell phones and tablets are the biggest culprits by a considerable distance. The combination of harsh light and brain engagement stops you from drifting off in a healthy manner. Even if it means switching to TV or radio, quitting those items for an hour before sleep will serve you well.



Take a bath or shower before bed too, and your body will learn to associate this with sleep time.


Maintain Safety

Given the amount of time spent in the bedroom, you need to keep it safe. You are at your most vulnerable position while sleeping, and cleanliness is the first issue that cannot be overlooked for a second. This is another reason to avoid overcrowding the room.

Meanwhile, you’ll need to think about potential health issues caused by damage to the property. You can learn to spot the early signs of damp here. Whether it’s from a leaky roof, poor circulation or another issue doesn’t matter. Attending to those problems will improve your sleep and health.

Besides, knowing about those untreated issues will result in sleepless nights.


Add The Finishing Touches

Small gestures make a big difference when it comes to your quality of sleep. While it’s very easy to dismiss those factors, going the extra mile in this aspect can leave you snoozing in style. Temperatures are particularly vital, and a slightly lower heat is better than being too hot.

If you do suffer from insomnia, try embracing soothing smells. Whether using a diffuser or an automatic air freshener doesn’t matter. The right smell can help ease you into a deep sleep while also reducing the threat of disrupted nights. You’ll feel like a new person in no time.

A sleep-friendly bedroom is a better bedroom. It really is that simple.



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  1. April 13, 2018 / 7:09 pm

    nice photos and good advice. The soft lighting is key….I’m on the screen all day so need to chill with soft light before I go to bed otherwise I have trouble falling asleep.

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