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DIY jobs you need to do before you sell

DIY jobs you need to do before you sell are all pretty obvious really but overlook them and you might well find your house hard to shift.


Well, it is because many people are put off by the thought of having to move into a home where they have a huge amount of work to do. Nobody wants to think they need to go through all the stress of packing and moving only to have to get out the toolbox as soon as they move in.  Not unless they are specifically buying a home to renovate.

So what are the DIY jobs you need to before you sell? Let’s take a look.


DIY jobs you need to do before you sell


DIY jobs you need to do before you sell

If you don’t want the cost/hassle of doing work in order to attract buyers on the open market, you could consider selling to a property buying company But if you are going through with the open market route then it really is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work without delay and with some oomph.


DIY jobs you need to do before you sell


Here are 10 DIY jobs common to everyone:

  1. Have a massive declutter – you want to make your home look spacious and decluttering is a very easy DIY job, it just takes some effort. The more minimal your home the more a buyer can envisage it as their own space. Grab those bin liners!
  2.  Fix your front door – it is the very first thing people see so if it needs some wd40 to stop it creaking, a new letterbox or a paint job then do prioritise it.
  3. Sort out sealant around the bath, sinks and windows, clean or replace as required so it looks fresh and secure.
  4.  Clean windows and freshen up or wash nets curtains. The light really sells a house and grubby windows stop it pouring in.
  5. Grouting looking grim? A grouting pen can freshen grouting really quickly, easily and inexpensively and is a simple job.
  6.  Clean, clean, clean, even clean your cooker – it is the easiest DIY there is but a sparking clean house makes a great impression.
  7.  Tidy up and declutter the garden and mend boundary fences.
  8.  Use mould spray and sort out your damp.
  9. Fix any roof leaks.
  10. Redecorate in fresh, light colours prior to your sale. It improves the sense of space and light and makes the whole house look cleaner, fresher and brighter.



It also goes without saying that you should fix anything obviously broken like fences, locks, uneven steps on the path to your house and anything that might really put a potential buyer off such as loose sockets.

Of course, you don’t have to do any of those things, it is totally your choice. But if you are aiming to sell on the open market these are the DIY jobs you need to do before you sell that I would suggest.



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