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Don’t Dig Deep…Garden on a Budget

Garden on a Budget


Garden on a budget

It really is possible to garden on a budget.

When you see beautiful-looking gardens, you probably also think about the time and expense which have gone into making them that way. But there are plenty of ways that you can save yourself some cash when you are trying to create an outdoor space of which your neighbours are envious. Here, we will be running through a few top tips to give you a helping hand in getting green fingers for less money.


Take Advantage of Free Advice

Rather than paying for expensive gardening manuals, all the advice that you need is available online from a variety of trusted sources. So, no matter which area of gardening you are looking at, make sure that you do plenty of reading before you get started. If you know what you are doing beforehand, you are much less likely go wrong and need to start over, which is both a time-consuming and expensive process.


Start with the Basics

If you are creating your garden from scratch, the first thing that you will need is the lawn. If you are looking for a quicker way of laying it, try using LazyLawn. And when it comes to growing the flowers and plants to give your garden colour and character, it is much cheaper to do this from seeds. When you buy the packets of seeds, you will only need to use a pinch or two, so seal them up ready for the following year. Alternatively, you could do a swap with your fellow gardening friend.


Don’t Pay Full-Price for Equipment

Gardening equipment can end up being mighty expensive, so keep an eye out for second-hand garden tools. There are plenty of items available online for very little cost or even for free. Alternatively, you could check out your local supermarket as you may well find cheaper tools than in a garden centre. Perhaps there is a tool hire or swap scheme going on in your local neighbourhood, so make sure to do your research.


Make Your Own Compost

Rather than shelling out for compost, you could make your own instead. Sure, this can end up being a time-consuming experience, but if you are serious about saving money, it is certainly the path that is worth going down. Essentially, you need to be combining ‘greens’ such as grass cuttings, vegetable and fruit peelings with ‘browns’ like fallen leaves, twigs, bark and branches. Remember, you need to add to your compost on a regular basis to ensure that it stays ‘fresh’.


Plan for the Following Year

You can make things a lot more affordable for yourself simply by planning for next year early. For example, rather than paying for new bulbs every year, you can encourage spent ones to keep producing flowers by taking off their seed heads, leaving the foliage undisturbed, and feeding and watering them.

As you can see, gardening doesn’t have to cost the earth! Using these few tips and others, you can create the garden of your dreams on a budget.


Garden on a Budget


I hope these tips will help you garden on a budget.


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