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Door Locks and Handles: How to Choose Wisely

Looking for door locks and handles? Beyond appearance, there are many other important aspects that you must consider such as quality, ergonomics, ease of use and security. In this article, we highlight the top factors one must consider when buying door locks and handles.


Door Locks and Handles: How to Choose Wisely





Door locks and handles should be of top quality as they ensure privacy of home owners. The ability of locking the door when you are getting changed or making love with your partner can save you from the discomfort or embarrassment of unintentional walk-ins.

When the stakes of privacy are high, From the Anvil door handles will satisfy.


Door locks and handles can range anywhere from $50 for simple ones to over $400 for luxurious locksets. Most customers opt for door locks and handles in the $50-$200. Even within this range, you get several options.

If you are looking for a door lock and handle that’ll work for every day needs of your household without putting a dent in your wallet, you should check out the inexpensive From the Anvil door handles.


If you want to replace a door handle on your home’s existing door, it is critical to take measurements before making a purchase. Measurements that you may have to determine include door thickness and cross bore. Many door locks and handles can work with different measurements, but still, if you take all the measurements before purchasing the door, you’ll save a lot of time. You’ll be able to narrow down your search to only the locks and handles that’ll fit your door.


Most door locks and handles can be easily installed by anyone who possesses fundamental DIY skills. However, some handles and locks are harder to install and you don’t want to make the task harder by buying such sets. Online reviews can often help people understand the complexity of the installation process and how well the instructions that are provided with the door lock and handle are. If you are concerned about how hard it will be install a door lock and handle, check out the comments of other people about the installation process before making a purchase.


Door knobs are available in a wide variety of styles. For people who’re mostly concerned with the function, there are plenty of basic door locks and handles that won’t break the bank. But, if you want something a bit flashier or are looking for a door lock and handle that’ll blend in seamlessly with the style of your room, you can check out stylish locks and handles. From modern to contemporary to rustic and class; there are plenty of options available.


Door locks and handles are available in an array of colors. While most people prefer black, grey, silver or brown locks and handles; there are a couple of unique colored ones like blue, red and violet that you can choose from. If you want to add an extra color to your space, don’t settle for ordinary colored door handles and knobs.



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