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Five Tools to Help You Transform Your Garden This Summer

Summertime gardening is an utter delight. There are few pleasures more simple or enjoyable than kneading cool, dark soil between your fingers, or watching the bulbs you planted bloom into beautiful flowers. Kneeling in your garden on a warm day, sun-soaked fabric hot against your back, you see how exquisite nature’s bounty truly is.


But beauty takes time and effort to mould. The green-fingered are all too happy to devote their hours to digging and planting, but without the right tools, such a task is fruitless and tiresome. If you want to create a paradisiacal summertime haven in your own backyard, then here are five essentials that you can’t do without…

#1: Strimmers

The first part of creating an aesthetically-pleasing summertime garden is clearing away the dirt and debris of winter, and to do so, you’ll require some strimmers. The perfect tool for cutting back weeds and overly abundant wildflowers, they’ll help to create the space you need for planting colourful flowerbeds and placing your terracotta pots.

#2: Weed Torch

The second part of spring cleaning your garden is to put to work a weed torch. This handy piece of kit will incinerate unwanted garden guests, without polluting your soil with chemicals, or forcing you to get down on your knees and pull them up by hand. It will make quick work of any pesky plants, and will have your outdoor area cleared in no time.

#3: Smart Irrigation Controller

For the especially committed gardener, a smart irrigation controller may also be worth investing in. Cleverley developed to monitor local weather conditions, it optimises watering for your lawn and flowerbeds, meaning that they will stay green and luscious during even the hottest summer days. It will also save you from using water unnecessarily, as it takes into account exactly what your carefully tended vegetation needs.

#4: Compression Gloves

They may not be as technical as the rest of our listed tools, but the erstwhile gardener also needs a good pair of gloves. Bare hands are all too vulnerable to scrapes, scratches, and stray thorns, and the best way to protect your skin is with some special silicone hand-wear. Perfectly designed with the green fingered in mind, the best will feature finger pads to provide easy grip and added protection.

#5: Comfort Shovel

Shovels can prove incredibly unwieldy to handle, and digging into hard-packed dirt with them is the bane of many gardeners’ lives. This is why a comfort shovel deserves a place in your shed. Expertly crafted for easy digging, this handy piece of kit also features a rubber handle for better leverage, helping to make a back-breaking task ten times easier.

Stock up on these summer gardening essentials today and get ready to create the outdoor area of your dreams.




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