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Fun and Quirky Ways To Use Artificial Grass To Level Up Your Home Décor

Ways to use artificial grass

One of the most common ways to use artificial grass in the home is to install an artificial lawn. Easy to maintain, durable and great-looking they are a fab way to transform your garden into a space that you will love using.

But it also has other uses. For anyone who has ever had artificial lawn laid in their homes, they will know that sometimes you can be left with offcuts. Rather than commit them to landfill, why not try a bit of upcycling and use it to create fun and quirky home décor items that are sure to turn heads.


Quirky Ways To Use Artificial Grass


Ways to use artificial grass

Here we’ve put together just a few unique ways you can get creative with your artificial grass offcuts. Why not order some artificial grass samples’  and experiment. I know you will be impressed


  1. Create a rug

Rugs are expensive and high maintenance things, but they are also a cosy addition to your home. For your next upcycling project, why not consider creating a rug made of artificial grass?

Quick and easy to cut to size and versatile enough to accommodate different shapes and spaces, an artificial grass rug is super easy to make and a great quirky addition to your home.


  1. Titillating Table Runner

If you’re the type of person that adores a splash of greenery in their home, a table runner is a great way to upcycle unused pieces of artificial turf.

The design of artificial grass means it’s really easy to clean, so even with the messiest of dinner guests you can take it outside and give it a hose down. The perforated holes and waterproof base means liquid just runs away, leaving it as good as new. No washing machine needed.

You could even go one step further and create placemats and coasters to leave your table looking extra fresh!


  1. Ways to use artificial grass? Carpet the Kids Room

Non-slip, easy to clean and soft for the feet, using your artificial grass leftovers to carpet the kid’s bedroom is a project they’ll love to get on board with!

Go the whole hog and transform their space into a jungle or forest for even more fun.


  1. Make a Doormat

Welcome guests into your home with a doormat created from artificial turf. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, it will act as an extension to your garden and leave you with a piece of home décor you’ll love. Easy to clean and cost-effective to, it’s a little taste of the outdoors for your home.


  1. Cover Your Garden Furniture In It

They don’t call it ARTificial grass for nothing, you know. Give your garden furniture a modern, artistic twist by covering it with artificial grass. Comfortable and low maintenance, it can be left out in the garden and cleaned by rainwater to save you time and it will dry quickly so you can get back out there to relax once the rain has abated.

Artificial lawn has a variety of uses indoors and out. There are just so many ways to use artificial grass  Great for kids, dogs, and adults alike there are a multitude of uses for it to give you home the revamp it needs. To check out some free sample and find out a bit more about how artificial turf can work for your home, head over to New Lawn Artificial Grass Limited.


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  1. May 14, 2019 / 10:30 am

    This is an interesting fun way on how to level up your home improvement and decorations at home. Thank you for sharing!

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