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How to choose the right garden furniture for your garden

Our outside garden table has finally collapsed.

It is looking most shabby and sorry for itself and is pretty much unusable. We knew it was only a matter of time but we had hoped to see the summer out with it. Like it or not, we will be having to buy some new furniture this year.

We use our garden table a lot; for eating outside, crafting, planting, socialising and I even work out their on my lap top sometimes.

I have been looking at some lovely garden furniture over at Homebase and 3 sets in particular have caught my eye.

Do you want to help me decide which is the right set for our garden and lifestyle? I have to say they are all rather gorgeous and a VAST improvement on our current eyesore.


Rio 6 Seater Wooden Garden Furniture Set

I think this set is really simple and elegant and I love how relaxed the chairs look The size of the table is great for us.

I am not completely convinced my kids would sit upright enough to eat in these chairs though, but I do love the styling and the muted colours.


Almeria 6 Seater Round Wooden Garden Furniture Set

The red of this set is a glorious splash of colour which would certainly brighten the garden on a grey day (oh and we have many of those at the moment!)

I particularly like the fact the table is round. I always think that seems so much more sociable, don’t you? So much easier when you are chatting to include everyone if you are sat in a round circle than a rectangle.

I also really like the fact the chairs are wooden.

Rimini 6 Seater Metal Garden Furniture Set

I think I have saved the best till last though.

This metal set looks like it would go on for ever and is so elegant and practical. It is also available as a four seater set.

I think the cream seat pads might get a bit of a bashing from the kids but they can be removed. I love that the chairs are stackable and the arms on the chairs are just lovely.

met set

metal set

Each of the sets I have shown you costs just under £300, which for a 6 seater table chairs and parasol is excellent value.

I think my heart is with the last one, but then I do like the red too and the first set I showed you is really very classic and would go with out very natural garden.

Oh I just don’t know- spoilt for choice!

Which one would you pick?

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