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How to help your business be remembered

ways to help your business be remebered

You do not have to have state of the art business cards and stationery to help your business be remembered, there are many ways to keep your business in someone’s mind without splashing vast amounts of cash. Here are some great ways to impress customers without the need for excessive spending. These ideas are really simple but are all extremely effective.

1. Smile (a lot) when talking on the phone or in person. It is contagious and affects not only how you look, but also what you say and how you sound

2. Listen to what your customers have to say  and let them know you have heard them (people just LOVE this)

3. Be enthusiastic, talk about your business with energy and joy people need to feel It’s a great idea for them to be involved with.

4. Look good  – I don’t mean you need a crisp business suit but do look well turned out, clean teeth, nails , hair and smell good. People like to think that those they do business with have got it together.

5. Present yourself well ..know your business inside out and talk with confidence and clarity about it.

6. Be interested in your clients, don’t just talk about yourself, ask them questions, get to know more about them and what they want.

7. Have a strong simple logo. Look at logos that impress you  and look at what work. Simple  and bold are often the most impressive. Get your name across. Then use this logo…a lot, everywhere. Stamp you company name firmly on the mind of you customers. Make it recognisable, instantly.

8. Have your contact details always to hand. make sure you carry business cards and take them everywhere, have take ways leaflets on your desk at any exhibition or on your reception. Email and telephone numbers as well as web addresses need to readily accessible.

9.  A roll up banner like the ones from Aura Print is a great way to get your business remembered,  particularly one emblazoned with your own logo (and defiantly  a contact address) These are inexpensive yet can make a huge visible statement in your reception or during a talk/exhibition. They can also be easily rolled up and taken with you from event to event so is really cost effective

10. Be interesting…have a Facebook page that posts great quotes, fun videos, interesting facts, get people sharing your content and enjoy being on your page. Facebook is free and yet a hugely powerful way to promote your business.

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