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How to Choose The Best Mattress For Your Pregnancy



how to Choose The Best Mattress For Your Pregnancy


How to Choose The Best Mattress For Your Pregnancy

Hmmmm-  so how do you choose the best mattress for your pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a life altering journey, starting with a home pregnancy kit to the labour room. The nine months are full of surprises, joy, tears and immense strength. It is one of the most challenging things women accomplish and there is no replication for the experience. During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes to accommodate a little baby in the womb. It creates a warm, nurturing environment till the baby is ready to come out to experience the world. In these nine months, women also face many challenges. Falling asleep is one of the biggest ones.

Lack of sleep during your pregnancy can adversely affect your mind and body. With raging hormones and emotions, getting adequate sleep is important to remain calm and collected throughout the process. Sleep deprivation during pregnancy can affect your moods leading to depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Various studies have also linked lengthy labour process to lack of sleep. During the three trimesters, you inadvertently form various habits to oblige and adapt to all the changes in the body. However, a good mattress can help you deal with these changes in an easier, more comfortable fashion.


Here are ten questions you need to ask yourself about How to Choose The Best Mattress For Your Pregnancy

  1.    Are you waking up sore every morning?
  2.    Do you often feel tired during the day?
  3.    Do you suffer from joint pains, especially in the morning?
  4.    Do you wake up frequently during the nights to find a comfortable position?
  5.    Have you had your mattress for over seven years?
  6.    Do you find yourself waking up sneezing?
  7.    Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep at night?
  8.    Do you feel well-rested when you wake up?
  9.    Do you feel you sleep better in hotels?
  10.  Do you wake up whenever your partner moves?


At the end of this quiz, you will know if your mattress is just not good enough to be a part of your journey. Here are some ways your mattress can help you sleep better while pregnant. this should all help guide you to  How to Choose The Best Mattress For Your Pregnancy


Alleviating Pain and Discomfort

Often, as the body grows, it is burdened with a lot of pressure from the extra weight. This pressure is most felt when you try to sleep. A good mattress can help you alleviate the pain by providing firm comfort and support. As pregnant women are more prone to back aches due to the extra weight, sleeping on a mattress capable of absorbing it will relieve you of the pressure. It will provide spinal support that is much needed during this journey. Most most comfortable memory foam mattress as a number one choice during and after their pregnancy.


Absorbing Body Heat

Pregnant women tend to sleep very hot and constantly wake up flushed with heat. The heat from their body creates a humid atmosphere and is not compatible with deep sleep. A good mattress can absorb and dissipate the body heat. Innovative technology has brought about cooling covers that combats this problem. It is important to demand for this technology during your purchase. Mattresses should ideally have enough breathability to absorb heat and moisture and remain dry. This allows pregnant women to sleep through the night, not feeling the heat like they are prone to.


Motion Isolation

Most pregnant women are very light sleepers. A little movement from their partner can wake them up. This is because the mattress is unable to absorb the motion. This can be combated by motion isolation technology in quality mattresses. No matter how much your partner tosses and turns, the mattress can localise and absorb the movement allowing you to sleep undisturbed. This technology is also very valuable to your partner, as they can get some shut eye when you wake up to urinate frequently. The energy absorbing properties of a memory foam mattress can contribute to superior motion isolation technology.


Adapting to all sleeping positions

Pregnant women need to constantly adapt their sleeping positions to their changing bodies. While sleeping on your back is considered safe during the first trimester, sleeping on your side is seen to be more beneficial in all trimesters. Sleeping on the left side allows optimal circulation of blood and nutrients to the abdomen. Do not hesitate to invest in pillows to support your body at this time. You can find many body pillows that can support your growing body and memory foam sleep pillows that can provide active ventilation and support your spine. Sleeping on your side with your head propped up with pillows can also help you combat acid reflux and heartburn which is common in the first and third trimester.


Free of toxic gases

Many memory foam mattresses are doused in chemicals and toxic materials. These gases leak out over long periods of time in a process called off-gassing. These gases adversely impact the health of the user. Many manufacturers are now creating mattresses from safe materials to prevent health hazards. Be sure to ask for certified safe materials during your purchase.


Pregnancy is a nine-month process of constant change and acceptance. As your body adapts, it is important to provide a soothing environment to facilitate this change. However, with frequent visits to the bathroom, there is only so much your mattress can do. It is up to you to find as many opportunities to avail plenty of rest. Regular naps can also provide you with the rest you need. Power naps can help you re-energize and reinvigorate your body.


How long should a nap be and what constitutes a power nap?

You can have short or long naps depending on your body’s needs. A 20-minute power nap can extract your body from low energy states and allow your mind to relax. Longer naps might affect your ability to sleep uninterrupted for eight hours during the night but as always, listen to your body.


Other things you need to take into consideration when pondering how to choose the best mattress for your pregnancy is the trial period and warranty. Lengthy trial periods allow you to make an informed decision after trying the mattress for as long as you need. It can take you a few weeks or a few months to make up your mind. Many manufacturers are now providing trial periods up to a year to allow customers to make the right choice. Purchasing a mattress is a long-term commitment and giving you adequate time to decide is only fair. Manufacturers are also saving you the cost of manufacturing defect by providing long warranty periods. This will save you from any technical damages arising from normal use. Really important when it comes to Choose The Best Mattress For Your Pregnancy

As you complete the journey of creating life, you are about to embark on another one that will last a lifetime. Your body and your mind will thank you for the rest you granted it during this period. Investing in things that can make a difference in your journey should be high on your priority list. You can begin with your mattress.

I hope you have found this post on how to Choose The Best Mattress For Your Pregnancy to be useful.


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