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How a wall mural can transform a living space

I love homes that look a little different. Those that you remember.

I have a friend who has a swirly colourful mural in her den and it looks amazing. I always smile when I think of her home. I have never seen anything like it anywhere else and it is really rather special.

I recall staying in a lodge at Center Pacrs which also had a wall mural. It was amazing: essentially it was a picture of the outside forest inside. We adored it. It made a small functional space really rather extraordinary


This mural design by Transform a Wall of an Autumn Forest is just gorgeous. Talk about bringing the outside in. I think it is certainly one for nature lovers!

I also love the idea of imagining myself on a beach as I sit and blog ..how restful !

beach mu

and for a child’s room this kite mural is just enchanting and so much more fun that just looking at plain wall!

kite mu

Wall murals are a great way of sprucing up an uninspired space and at under £300 a pop these wall murals are excellent value cheaper than  a new sofa and so much more fun!

They are like a giant piece of art. They are the showstopper from Great British Bake Off. You cannot fail to make an impact really can you with one of these?

All murals shown are from Transform A Wall. They have such a diverse range of wall murals from vintage to animals, art to cities and so many more. Apparently they are speedy to fit and hide all lump and bumps. Both sound good to me!



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  1. Janelle Winters
    November 13, 2015 / 10:13 pm

    I love the bedroom’s mural and equally love the idea of having a picture of the outside inside. What a fun way to spruce up any living space, especially an office space with no or few windows! And the fact that they are essentially stickers is a big win for me. I’ll have to look into these!

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