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How to banish DIY fear

DIY Fear

I DIY a little but I have to be honest and say I just kind of dabble really.

Oh, how I  would love to be better at DIY as it can be so convenient and so much cheaper to just be able to do things yourself.

I have 3 things going against me, FEAR, lack of know-how and not having the right tools to do the job.


How to banish DIY fear


I am genuinely a bit scared of DIY, Power tools have made me nervous since metal work classes and woodwork classes at school. I have this fear that I may really hurt myself or that I may completely destroy my home!

Both are valid fears but perhaps a little extreme?

Maybe addressing the other 2 concerns will help with the DIY FEAR!


Lack of know how

Lack of know-how is a bit of a problem for me when It comes to DIY. No one in my family have ever been DIY-ers so I never got to see it in action or learn any tricks. My choices are super simple and include YouTube videos or asking someone I know to show me. I think the second option is probably the best for me as I learn best when I can be shown something AND ask questions. There is also the possibility of evening classes?


Being prepared

Having the right tools would help me feel prepared for DIY. I think for a starter kit I probably need safety goggles and a toolkit, a basic drill and maybe some overalls too. Milfords have pretty much all I could possibly want in the way of DIY kit – dustsheet, grout, building materials of all kinds, adhesive and so on.


I believe brushing up my know how and havign the right kit would really help to banish the fears.

Do you DIY?


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