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How to choose the right skirting for your home

How to choose the right skirting for your home

The devil is in the detail

Over on their beautiful Instagram account Skirting 4 U show off their beautiful bespoke interior mouldings that are made to order.

Do take a peek at their Instagram photos they are really inspiring. Their taglines declares the devil is in the detail.

How right they are.

When it comes to homes the devil really is in the detail.

A beautiful home is created by attention to detail. A jar of flowers here, a beautiful lamp there, a gorgeous throw strategically placed or an enhancing piece of art…these little things can make such a difference.

Interior mouldings can have a big impact on the style of a home and finish off a theme or presentation superbly.

A range of themes

Look at this beautiful Victorian skirting board and how it just ties in so beautifully with the tiles and the table legs. The colours work together seamlessly. The wicker basket looks just right. I imagine a bowl of eggs and an old, huge newspaper and teapot on the table, don’t you?


And then the colonial skirting board, this looks so much more modern with its clean clear lines. How well the white sets of the silver and the grey and how well its simplicity enhances the textured wallpaper and rug.

The right skirting is all important.


Bespoke detailing

A lot of the big DIY stores have a one size fits approach to skirting but for those of us who really love our homes that is rarely what we are after. At Skirting 4 U, you have the option to choose from a huge range of over 30 different designs, and you have the power to customise each one. Your exact specifications can be met and you can choose height, thickness and finish of each of the skirting boards depending on your requirements and how you want your interior finish to look.

Isn’t that fabulous?

Painting your skirting

We recently painted our skirting boards and it was such a job. I got paint on the floorboards on the wall and on me!  There is a lot to be said for saving time and a big old mess by buying pre-painted skirting boards. Getting a professional painter to do the job, can only add to the cost of your project. By using a company such as Skirting 4 U, you can bypass all the hassle and cost and get your skirting boards hand sprayed by one of their in-house paint technicians prior to your assembling it. Sounds a very smart decision to me after our experience!

Skirting 4 U are a leading supplier of MDF skirting boards, architraves and other interior mouldings. Everything is manufactured to order in their workshop and shipped to the UK mainland. You can also choose your own delivery date too which puts you completely in control of your DIY projects rather than items just randomly turning up. The reviews on the site are really positive and the boards are declared easy to fit.

Is this a DIY project you have ever tackled? I’d love to hear your thoughts on choosing the right skirting for your home.




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