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How to clean oxidised silver cutlery?

Silver objects tend to oxidise quickly and become dull if they are not well protected from air and light. But how then do you clean tarnished silver cutlery and trays?

Hagerty has been developing care products for silverware since 1895. In over 125 years, the company has created 7 references for cleaning silverware, each very specific to the type of item being cleaned.

The unique formulas have been developed with the aim of making cleaning enjoyable and restoring shine to your items in a simple way.

Cleaning products for silverware

  1. Silver Bath: cleaning bath that offers a thorough cleaning to the silver cutlery, as these are completely immersed in the basket that the pot contains (height: 21 cm).
  2. Silver Care: cleaning paste specially designed for the care of silverware. With the sponge that comes with the jar, you can scrub well and remove the oxidation that is present on the surface.
  3. Silver & Multimetal Foam: cleaning foam that cleans silver, silver-plated metal, tin, and steel. We recommend this product if you want to restore shine to desilvered items with a worn silver layer.


Cleaning products for silver decorative objects

  1. Silver Polish: polishing cream that cleans silver items such as serving platters, frames, or vases.
  2. Silver Spray: cleaning easy-to-use spray that is perfect to clean engraved or chased silver items.
  3. Silver Gloves: cleaning gloves impregnated with a special formula that allows you to easily clean the items while holding them in your hands.
  4. Silver Duster: impregnated cloth made of 100% cotton that can be used to gently polish silver objects.

All the above products work almost immediately and do not cause micro scratches on metals. Your silver objects will be clean and shiny again in no time!


How to clean oxidised silver cutlery?

How to store silver cutlery?

Hagerty has developed two types of protective covers, named Silver Guards, made from very high-quality fabric that are impregnated to resist oxidation:

– The Cutlery Rolls: 8 different protective covers for silver cutlery in different sizes, which can hold up to 12 pieces.

– The Holloware Bags: 3 protective covers for silver objects in different sizes in which you can store your trays, carafes, or other objects made of silver or silver-plated metal and protect them from oxidation.

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